All processes of water purification and electric treatment in the device are as close as possible to what happens with water in living nature.It has become possible to repeat complex natural processes of water purification and activation due to the creation of highly reliable electrochemical modules, which are the main elements of the devices.The modules consist of two flown-through chambers: anode and cathode. It is in these chambers that under the influence of positive and negative currents on the anode and cathode, the processes of water electric treatment suggested by nature are reproduced.



It has become possible to get closer to the technologies of nature due to the creation of electrochemical modules with a ceramic ultrafiltration diaphragm. The modules have an inexhaustible ̆ resource of 2 million liters of treated water and do not need periodical replacement.

Great experience

47 years of successful research and development in the field of electrochemical activation (ECA)

The creators of ECA technology

Electrochemical activation technology (ECA) was created by Vitold Bakhir (D.Eng., prof.) and his team in the 1970s. Since then Vitold Bakhir and his team of experts are constantly improving the technique and technology of ECA.

World recognition

The authors of ECA technology have received more than 500 patents in 80 countries of the world. More than 1000 different studies have been carried out both in Russia and abroad, confirming the effectiveness and safety of the use of ECA technologies in various sectors of the economy and different spheres of life.

Rich history

ECA technologies were being developed behind closed doors for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the oil and gas industry of the USSR, therefore, they have not yet received wide publicity.

Breakthrough technologies

In 2016 a brand-new electrochemical module was created which is tens of times superior to its traditional counterparts - diaphragm electrolyzers and electrochemical modules of the previous generations

The first in the world

It is from our inventors that people in Russia and abroad have heard for the first time about the technologies of ``living`` and ``dead`` water and many other things connected with electrochemical activation technologies.