RUSCHLOR international conference


EMERALD ECOTECHNOLOGIES company together with the VItold Bakhir Electrochemical
Systems and Technologies Institute took part in the RUSCHLOR international conference (Moscow,
Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, June 06, 2023).

Vitold Bakhir, Doctor of Science, Professor, made a report on electrochemical activation technology (ECA) and possibilities of its application for creation of mobile and compact chlorine caustic plants based on ECOCHLOR devices. ECOCHLOR devices for electrochemical synthesis of gaseous chlorine (Cl2 ) and concentrated caustic soda solution (NaOH) from a sodium chloride solution (NaCl). ECOCHLOR devices are compact, environmentally friendly, highperformance modules for the production of chlorine and caustic soda solution on site by electrolysis of an ordinary sodium chloride solution.

Chlorine in any technology is used in a gaseous state, so the availability of the required number of modular units will meet the needs of any enterprise in absolutely safe chlorine. Installations allow to exclude expenses for maintenance of chlorine plants by foreign companies which produces membrane electrolysers and membranes like NAFION.

The new generation of ECOCHLOR modular devices has a capacity from 0.25 to 6 kilograms of chlorine per hour and allows to completely replace chlorine plants with environmentally friendly chlorine and caustic soda production at the place of consumption, eliminating the need for chlorine drying, transportation, chlorine storage, as well as the safety and security system for chlorine handling.

ECOCHLOR devices will allow to abandon the existing centralized scheme of liquid chlorine production at chlorine plants, eliminating all aspects of transportation and storage of liquid chlorine at enterprises.

EMERALD devices basing on nature-like and effective electrochemical activation (ECA) technology enable in:

  • EMERALD HOME devices to produce clean and healthy drinking antioxidant water enriched with hydrogen;
  • EMERALD TURBO devices to provide complex disinfection, treatment and conditioning of drinking water, wastewater, swimming pool water, seawater;
  • EMERALD STEL devices to produce environmentally friendly disinfecting sterilizing agent Anolyte ANK SUPER;
  • EMERALD AQUACHLOR devices to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, swimming pool water, sea water at any place and quantity;
  • EMERALD ECOCHLOR devices to synthesize chlorine and caustic soda solution on site by electrolysis of ordinary sodium chloride solution.

The majority of EMERALD devices presented at the conference are unrivaled throughout the world.

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