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The company “EMERALD ECOTECHNOLOGIES” took part in the international conference RusChlor (Moscow, Baltschug Hotel, June 4-5, 2024).

The traditional organizer of the event was the Association of Chlorine Industry Enterprises “RusChlor”. During two days delegates of the conference worked on the industry development strategy, analyzed the best practices of design, construction and operation of new chlorine production facilities. In the expert session they discussed current problems of safe handling of chlorine and chlorine products, as well as market proposals for instruments and equipment. Viktor Ivanov, President of RSH, noted the high level of organization and expertise of the event.

The Conference was attended by 120 participants from 53 organizations, including managers and specialists of 11 Russian plants producing chlor-alkali products, which are full members of the Association “RusChlor”, and 16 organizations – associate members of “RusChlor”. Besides Russian enterprises, the Conference was attended by specialists from Belarus, Germany, People’s Republic of China, India.

Petr Vasilyevich Gnatiuk, General Director, made a report at the Conference on the topic: “Cost-effectiveness of EMERALD compact electrochemical systems for chlorine, oxidant solution and caustic soda production at the place of consumption”.

EMERALD AQUACHLOR is the world’s leading technology for disinfecting water with oxidant solution. The units are used for disinfection of drinking water, wastewater, swimming pool water and seawater. The oxidant solution from AQUACHLOR units is the most effective and safe means of biofilm removal. AQUACHLOR units have a capacity of 0.25 to 3.0 kilograms of chlorine per hour. Operating costs are about 3 times lower than using traditional sodium hypochlorite and 10 times cheaper than using chlorine dioxide. The payback period of the AQUACHLOR system is 3 years.

EMERALD devices are unrivaled throughout the world.

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