EMERALD ECOTECHNOLOGIES LLC develops and manufactures up-to-date electrochemical devices based on electrochemical activation technology (ECA).

The main types of the manufactured devices are:

1. EMERALD HOME devices for water disinfection, purification and conditioning;
2. EMERALD PRO devices for producing environmentally friendly disinfectant Anolyte ANK SUPER;
3. EMERALD HYDRO devices for production of pure hydrogen and oxygen.

Research and development activities of EMERALD ECOTECHNOLOGIES LLC are conducted in partnership with the Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies Institute (Moscow), which is the world’s ultimate scientific center in the field of electrochemical activation. Many years of experience and modern discoveries of our experts, as well as direct participation of V. M. Bakhir, Dr. of Science, Professor, allow to engineer EMERALD devices according to the best available practices in the field of electrochemical activation.

The majority of EMERALD devices are unrivaled throughout the world in terms of their technical features.

The R&D and manufacturing base of EMERALD ECOTECHNOLOGIES LLC is located in Vladimir city (Russia).