EMERALD – the world’s leading electrochemical systems

MIXED OXIDANTS WATER disinfection and purification

On-site disinfectants and detergents synthesis

Safe chlorine gas and caustic soda production


produces compact modular electrochemical devices that are unparalleled in the world and allow in any location and quantity without the use of harmful chemicals the:

  • Disinfection and purification of drinking water, seawater,
    wastewater and swimming pool water.
  • Synthesis of environmentally friendly disinfectants and detergents.
  • Safe on-site production of chlorine gas, hydrogen, as well as a whole
    range of acids and alkalis, including sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric
    acid, hypochlorous acid, hydrogen peroxide.

EMERALD HOME — household and office water purifiers and ionizers produce healthy antioxidant drinking water enriched with hydrogen.
Patents RU №2322394, 2322395, 2350692; UK №2253860, 2257982

EMERALD TURBO — complete on-site purification and disinfection of drinking, wastewater, seawater and swimming pool water.
Patents RU №2322394, 2322395; UK №2253860, 2257982.

EMERALD AQUACHLOR — large scale on-site mixed oxidants disinfection of drinking, wastewater, seawater and swimming pool water.
Patents RU №2088693, 2270885, 2176989, 2516150; USA №7,897,023.

EMERALD STEL — on-site production of ecological mixed oxidants sanitizer against all viruses and bacteria and detergent solution.
Patetns RU №2155719, 2207983, 2208589, 2322397, 2321681; USA №7,897,023.

EMERALD ECOCHLOR — safe on-site production of wet or dry chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide solution.
Patents RU №2088693, 2270885, 2176989, 2350692; USA №7,897,023.

EMERALD devices are certified, patented and successfully used in many areas of human activity: water treatment, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, agriculture, food, oil and gas, chemical industry, utilities, transportation, mining of precious, rare earth and radioactive metals.

Practical experience shows that the use of EMERALD devices results in more than 10x  savings of chemical reagents, multiplies the efficiency of various technological processes, reduces CAPEX and OPEX, also due to the reduction of electric power, labor and time consumption, which is especially important nowadays for the world economy transition to a new technological level, ensuring sustainable development.

Licensees and customers

From 1991 to 2023, our group of companies has manufactured and delivered worldwide more than:

300 000
300,000 units

of EMERALD HOME and EMERALD TURBO devices for disinfection, purification and conditioning of drinking water in apartments and residences.

60 000
60,000 units

of EMERALD STEL devices for on-site production of environmentally friendly Anolyte mixed oxidants sanitizer for disinfection and sterilization of various objects in medical institutions

60 000
1,500 units

of EMERALD AQUACHLOR devices for on-site mixed oxidants disinfection of municipal drinking water and wastewater, swimming pool water, as well as EMERALD ECOCHLOR devices for on-site synthesis of chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide solution

An important feature of all EMERALD devices is the absence of replaceable or fast-wearing parts.

The average service life of EMERALD devices is 12 years.
The average payback period (ROI) is no more than 2 years.
In total: 10 years of profit + preserving the Planet’s ecology!